FreeHEP Changes from 1.x to 2.x

A number of changes were necessary to put code into different libraries:

  • Lots of minor fixes as suggested by Eclipse.
  • was removed from freehep-base since it would make freehep-swing depend on freehep-graphics2d. Since this class is currently only used by WIRED 4, it could move there. It is currently stationed inactive in the freehep-swing top-level directory.
  • org.freehep.xml.menus.test.Test is dependent on freehep-swing for one class. Maybe this dependency should be removed, but menus.test.Test is used (see next point) as a regular class.
  • org.freehep.util.commanddispatcher.test.* depends on freehep-swing and freehep-xml for test scope.
  • org.freehep.application.* depends on JavaHelp and JNLP in a provided manner.
  • Module CERNLIBAdapter was split in freehep-hbook under hepio and freehep-fminuit under math.