Yet another Particle Property Interface
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YaPPI is an XML database of particle properties. It is a part of the open source FreeHEP Java Library.

What is YaPPI?

YaPPI is an XML database of particle properties, accessible through a Java API. The goal is to provide particle property data to physicists' analysis programs in a way that is independent of platform, environment, or analysis package being used. Available components of YaPPI include:

  • A set of XML files derived from derived directly from the from the Review of Particle Physics (RPP) of the Particle Data Group (PDG). The XML data files are designed to be easy for users to modify or extend for their own purposes.
  • A Java API for reading (and writing) the XML database.
  • An implementation of the ParticlePropertyProvider interface of the Java Analysis Studio (JAS), a High Energy Physics analysis software package. JAS users may access particle properties in XML directly from within JAS,.
  • A web servlet to allow online browsing of particle data.

The implementation was created by Patrick Hellwig as Summer Student at CERN in 2000 and is currently maintained by Mark Dönszelmann and Tony Johnson at SLAC.