To Do List


  • Physics Lists are missing.
  • Visualization Drivers are missing.
  • Datasets are not included.
  • In Processes many include headers (around 1000) are not yet processed. It is however more of the same and should not be difficult, just time consuming in the compiltaion process.
  • Interfaces UIGag and UIGAIN are disabled completely. They are probably unguarded.
  • Remove geant4/include from -I list, but add all other directories.
  • Reenable parmodels, visualization and persistency (unresolved links in link command)
  • reference counting / disable finalize
  • directors for the rest
  • p 300 separate packages for g4, OR so we can run javadoc
  • separate A01, N0? stuff
  • separate CLHEP stuff
  • Remove mods in geant headers when swig handles protected members...
  • make sure objects made in java and handed to C++ are director owned.
  • warnings when deleting stuff at the shutdown of A01, N0*.
  • A01Trajectory, handle G4Point3DVector.add ?
  • revisit all SWIG_PTR... in swig files
  • Fix warning 302 in swig
  • Rename all constants according to Java convention
  • Director classes or G4Visible and G4VMarker
  • Multiple inheritance for G4GlobalFastSimulationManager
  • handle HCE collections better
  • Look at polymorphic returns (G4LogicalSkinSurface, ...) for N06


  • Remove FORCE on link commands
  • Warning (WIN32) uninitialized local variable used... C4700
  • Dependency on MSVCP80 which is 266 MByte....
    • need for static linking of Geant4, CLHEP and JNI (-MT)
    • or need for redistribution but 300 MByte is too much.
    • see
    • and
  • Many C4700 unitialized local variable 'result' due to check on Exception without return.


  • nested classes warnings... though implemented.
  • access to protected member variables (get and set) and protected methods.