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Package org.freehep.graphicsio.pdf

PDF (Portable Document File) Output Format.


Interface Summary
PDFConstants Specifies constants for use with the PDFWriter, PDFStream and PDFUtil.
PDFRedundanceTracker.Writer To be implemented by Writers which write objects that may already have been written.

Class Summary
PDF Implements the lookup tables.
PDFByteWriter Implements the real writer for the PDFWriter.
PDFCatalog Implements the Catalog Dictionary (see Table 3.15).
PDFDictionary Implements a PDF Dictionary.
PDFDocInfo Implements the Document Information Dictionary (see Table 8.2).
PDFFontEmbedder Superclass of all FontEmbedders for PDF documents.
PDFFontEmbedderType1 Font embedder for type one fonts in pdf documents.
PDFFontIncluder Includes one of the 14 Type1 fonts in PDF documents
PDFFontTable A table to remember which fonts were used while writing a pdf document.
PDFGraphics2D Implementation of VectorGraphics that writes the output to a PDF file.
PDFImageDelayQueue Delay Image objects for writing XObjects to the pdf file when the pageStream is complete.
PDFName Specifies a PDFName object.
PDFObject Implements a numbered PDFObject.
PDFOutline Implements the Outline Item Dictionary (see Table 7.4).
PDFOutlineList Implements the Outline Dictionary (see Table 7.3).
PDFPage Implements the Page Object (see Table 3.17).
PDFPageBase Implements the Page Base Node to accomodate Inheritance of Page Attributes (see Table 3.17)
PDFPageTree Implements the Page Tree Node (see Table 3.16).
PDFPaintDelayQueue Delay Paint objects (gradient/texture, not color) for writing pattern/shading/function dictionaries to the pdf file when the pageStream is complete.
PDFRedundanceTracker This class keeps track of all kinds of objects written to a pdf file and avoids to write them several times instead of referencing the same object several times.
PDFRef This class implements a numbered reference to a PDFObject.
PDFStream This class allows you to write/print into a PDFStream.
PDFUtil Utility functions for the PDFWriter.
PDFViewerPreferences Implements the Viewer Preferences (see Table 7.1).
PDFWriter This class creates a PDF file/stream.

Package org.freehep.graphicsio.pdf Description

PDF (Portable Document File) Output Format.

It is based on the "PDF Reference: Second Edition, version 1.4", July 2001 by "Addison-Wesley".

It currently contains all classes for all PDF objects available in PDF. These are lower level classes such as PDFName, PDFObject, PDFRef, PDFDictionary and PDFStream. For the classes PDFString and PDFArray one should use the java String class and the java array respectively.

The user typically interacts with the PDFWriter class to create a PDF file. He can then create pages, open streams and use the latter to create the actual content of the page. The PDFWriter in combination with the PDFByteWriter takes care of keeping "logical" object references, building the cross-reference table and do some error checking.

An implementation of VectorGraphics also exist:

The following Limitations exist:


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