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Package org.freehep.graphics2d

Base classes for VectorGraphics, useful to implement different output formats.


Interface Summary
VectorGraphicsConstants This interface defines useful constants for users of the VectorGraphics interface.

Class Summary
AbstractVectorGraphics This class implements all conversions from integer to double as well as a few other convenience functions.
ArrayPath This class can be used in a transient way to deal with the drawing or filling of an array of double points as a polyline/polygon.
BufferedPanel This class extends JPanel by adding double buffering.
PrintColor Print color for printing and display in color, grayscale and black/white.
ScreenConstants This class defines a set of constants which describe a screen.
SymbolShape This class can be used to create and render simple shapes quickly and without memory allocation.
VectorGraphics The drawing methods which are guaranteed to work for the various output formats of the VectorGraphics system on the Java 2 platform.
WebColor WebColor which adheres to the web color set consisting of 216 equally spaced colors, which include black and white.

Package org.freehep.graphics2d Description

Base classes for VectorGraphics, useful to implement different output formats.

The VectorGraphics interface allows users to draw in a vector graphics mode. It defines all the methods available in java.awt.Graphics2D and augments this set by some extra methods to draw pre defined symbols and marked-up (tagged) strings.

The VectorGraphics2D class implements this interface and inherits from the standard java.awt.Graphics2D. This allows users who normally draw using java.awt.Graphics2D to use VectorGraphics2D instead. 

PixelGraphics2D implements VectorGraphics on top of the standard java.awt.Graphics2D. 

Other implementations of VectorGraphics for various output formats can be found in org.freehep.graphicsio.

The following limitations exists for PixelGraphics:

Testcases can be found in org.freehep.graphicsio.test.


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