For a full list of changes in JAIDA see the JAIDA change log .

For a full list of changes in AIDA see the AIDA change log .

Changes in JAIDA

  • New Features
    • Add "lowerLimit" and "upperLimit" parameters to the IAxisStyle in order to control axis limits through AIDA Styles
    • Now can format second Y Axis. If parameter "yAxis" is set to "Y1" in the yAxisStyle (default is "Y0"), all settings in this style will be applied to the second Y Axis.
    • Add "normalization" parameter to IDataStyle to normalize all overlaid plots with respect to the very first plot in the region (parameterName="normalization", default="none", possibleValues="none, Area, Entries, MaxBin")
    • Use proxy mode with AIDA XML ZIP format by default (useProxies=true). SoftReference is used in proxies, so that JAIDA does not run out of memory when many objects are read from the file.
  • Fixed bugs
    • Fix problem with filtering chained tuples (JAIDA IFilter and IEvaluator still do not work for sub-tuples)
    • Fix IHistogram1D cloning problem
    • Improve speed for plotting multiple overlays
    • Improve speed for getting ITree structure with AIDA XML ZIP format
    • Fix Remote AIDA tests and enable them by default

Changes in JAIDA

  • Fixed bugs
    • Fix bug for plotting 2D histograms in colorMap mode

Changes in JAIDA

  • New Features
    • Add utility class to fill IHistogram, ICloud, or ITuple with data distributed according to a given IFunction. See Details .
    • Add support for native i386-MacOSX (hbook and fminuit)
  • Fixed bugs
    • Plotter.writeToFile now works for scatterplot in JAIDA and in JAS3
    • Put back ability to create Moyal and Lorentzian functions by name: "moyal" and "lorentzian"
    • Fix the bug with bin height calculation for histogram 2D with fixed size bins
    • Can not control Legend visibility through AIDA Styles
    • createFunctionFromScript has problems with "gradexpr" and "description" arguments

Changes in JAIDA

  • Improvements
    • Add JAIDA-specific "errorBarDecoration" parameter to the errorBarStyle. Meaning:
      • errorBarDecoration less than 0, automatic (default)
      • errorBarDecoration equals 0, no decoration
      • errorBarDecoration greater than 0, fraction of the bin width
      • Usage: style.dataStyle().errorBarStyle().setParameter("errorBarDecoration", "0.5")
    • Add (Experimental) Binary XML writer and Reader, use option "binary=true". This option can also be used in ZIP format.
    • Add ability to write AIDA XML in ZIP format, use option "compress=zip"
    • Provide utility to convert IManagedObject and IFitResult to XML String and back
      • Utility class added to JAIDA: hep.aida.util.XMLUtils, static methods:
        • String createXMLString(IManagedObject mo) throws IOException
        • String createXMLString(IManagedObject mo, ITree tree) throws IOException
        • String createXMLString(IManagedObject mo, String path) throws IOException
        • String createXMLString(IFitResult fitResult) throws IOException
        • String createXMLString(IFitResult fitResult, String path) throws IOException
        • IManagedObject createManagedObject(String xmlString) throws IOException
        • IFitResult createFitResult(String xmlString) throws IOException
        • void addToTree(String xmlString, ITree tree) throws IOException
  • Fixed bugs
    • fix problem with relatively rare case of X-axis tick labels formatting, e.g.: log, x_min=0.0005, x_max=0.05
    • Plotting of IHistogram1D, IHistogram2D, IProfile1D, IProfile2D with non-equidistant bins
    • Profiles returning NaN for the sum of weights

Changes in JAIDA

  • Improvements
    • Add catalog for default plotter styles.
    • Fix dependency versions in assembly.
    • Move FMinuit adapter to math module freehep-fminuit and make freehep-jaida-fminuit dependent on it.
    • Upgrade graphics libraries to 2.0
    • Add jdom to distribution.
    • Improved creation of user functions.
    • Function Codelet String defined as: codelet:TYPE:LOCATION
      • LOCATION = Catalog: Create function from Function Catalog
        • Usage: codelet:model_name:catalog
        • Example: codelet:p2:catalog
        • Status: Works
      • LOCATION = classPath: Create function, given its full class name
        • Usage: codelet:my.functions.MyFunction:classPath[:x0, x1: a, b, c]
        • Example: codelet:fitProject.functions.MyFunction:classPath
        • Status: Works
        • Explanation:
          • If optional list of variable names and parameter names is provided:
            • MyFunction(String[] varNames, String[] parNames) constructor is used
          • No-argument constructor is used in other case: new MyFunction()
      • LOCATION = Verbatim: Create function from script
        • Usage: codelet:Function_Title:verbatim:jel : dimensions : expression : parameters [: gradient]
        • Example: codelet:Script_Function:verbatim:jel :1 : a*(1+c*sin(x[0]-d)) : a,c,d
        • Status: works
  • Fixed bugs
    • AIDA xml writer out of synch with parser.
    • Fix setup scripts for macOSX.
    • Assembly and parent POM of jaida have the same artifact name.
    • Testdata for hbook missing in freehep-jaida-hbook

Changes in JAIDA 3.2.5

  • New Features
    • Add a way to change the statistics box from styles.
    • Get axis labels information out of root files.
  • Improvements
    • Move main() methods from function package into tests of fitter package.
  • Fixed bugs
    • DataPointSets not added to tree
    • "convert" method in Clouds should call fireStateChanged()
    • Problem with gradient in scripted functions

Changes in JAIDA 3.2.4

  • Added new JMinuit optimizer. This is the Java version of the Minuit package.
  • Implemented line styles: width and thickness.
  • Functions can now be plotted over a range using the range option.
  • Functions are now added to the legend box.
  • Better control over the visibility of the statistics box. It can now be turned on/off globally or for each individual data set.
  • Support for color transparency specified via the styles.
  • Added statistical testing package (outside the AIDA standards).

Changes in JAIDA 3.2.3

  • Better implementation of writeToFile method.
  • We have changed the way the statistics is evaluated for IHistograms and IProfiles.

Changes in JAIDA 3.2.2

  • Addition among functions is now supported. You can now fit for example "g + p0" to any AIDA data source.
  • Improved styles support.
  • Fixed problems with logarithmic axis.

Changes in JAIDA

  • Scripts updated to set and convert classpath correctly when used in cygwin on Windows.

Changes in JAIDA 3.2.1

  • Improved support for plot styles, including the ability to modify styles after a plot is displayed.
  • Support for reading root files from a remote root daemon using the root: protocol.
  • .win32 setup file merged with .csh and .sh setup files.

Changes in JAIDA 3.2.0

  • JAIDA 3.2 implements the AIDA 3.2 interfaces.
  • The default analysis factory has been changed from hep.aida.ref.BatchAnalysisFactory to hep.aida.ref.AnalysisFactory .
  • An initial implementation of the AIDA IStyle interfaces is now available.