Package org.freehep.math.minuit

User API for the JMinuit package.


Interface Summary
FCNBase User function base class, has to be implemented by the user.
FCNGradientBase Extension of FCNBase for providing the analytical gradient of the function.

Class Summary
FunctionMinimum Result of the minimization.
MnApplication Base class for minimizers.
MnContours API class for Contours error analysis (2-dim errors).
MnEigen Calculates and the eigenvalues of the user covariance matrix MnUserCovariance.
MnHesse With MnHesse the user can instructs MINUIT to calculate, by finite differences, the Hessian or error matrix.
MnMachinePrecision Determines the relative floating point arithmetic precision.
MnMigrad MnMigrad provides minimization of the function by the method of MIGRAD, the most efficient and complete single method, recommended for general functions, and the functionality for parameters interaction.
MnMinimize Causes minimization of the function by the method of MIGRAD, as does the MnMigrad class, but switches to the SIMPLEX method if MIGRAD fails to converge.
MnMinos API class for Minos error analysis (asymmetric errors).
MnPlot MnPlot produces a text-screen graphical output of (x,y) points.
MnPrint Utilities for printing various minuit results.
MnScan MnScan scans the value of the user function by varying one parameter.
MnSimplex SIMPLEX is a function minimization method using the simplex method of Nelder and Mead.
MnStrategy API class for defining three levels of strategies: low (0), medium (1), high (>=2).
MnUserCovariance MnUserCovariance is the external covariance matrix designed for the interaction of the user.
MnUserParameters API class for the user interaction with the parameters.
MnUserParameterState The class MnUserParameterState contains the MnUserParameters and the MnUserCovariance.
Point A class representing a pair of double (x,y) or (lower,upper)

Package org.freehep.math.minuit Description

User API for the JMinuit package.

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