Package org.freehep.application

Application Framework (see documentation).


Interface Summary
ApplicationListener Listen for ApplicationEvents
HasPopupItems Deprecated. Use org.freehep.swing.popup.HasPopupItems instead.
HelpService HelpInterface is the interface which users of the help system deal with.
Stoppable A interface to be implemented by things that can be stopped.

Class Summary
AboutDialog An about box for use by Applications.
Application A framework for a simple swing application.
ApplicationEvent An event fired by the application at various times.
LookAndFeelMenu A menu for setting the look and feel of an application
PrintPreview This class can be used to add print preview capabilities to an application.
ProgressMeter A progress meter designed to slot into a StatusBar.
PropertyUtilities A set of static methods for operating on a Properties set
PropertyUtilities.PropertyTable Creates a TableModel from a property set
PropertyUtilities.TranslatedProperties A Properties object whose values and defaults are automatically translated if they contain {prop} tokens.
RecentItemTextField This class is ideal if you want to have a text field for user input but also have a list of recently selected items available to choose from.
SplashScreen A SplashScreen for use when starting applications.
StatusBar An status bar typically displayed at the bottom of the application window.
StoppableInputStream An input stream which also implements Stoppable.

Exception Summary

Package org.freehep.application Description

Application Framework (see documentation).

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