FreeHEP Vector Graphics 2.1.1 API

org.freehep.graphics2d Base classes for VectorGraphics, useful to implement different output formats.
org.freehep.graphics2d.font Font encoding tables and lookup classes to query the tables.
org.freehep.graphicsio I/O for different graphics in and output formats.
org.freehep.graphicsio.exportchooser Export dialogs/choosers for GraphicsIO, allowing the user to pick a file and format.
org.freehep.graphicsio.font Utility classes for encoding, including and/or embedding fonts.
org.freehep.graphicsio.font.truetype Interface for TrueType Font information, using a Java Font class or read from a TrueType font file.
org.freehep.graphicsio.test Automatic Tests for the GraphicsIO package.


Vector Formats
org.freehep.graphicsio.emf EMF, Enhanced Meta File, Input and Output Format.
org.freehep.graphicsio.pdf PDF (Portable Document File) Output Format. PS, EPS (PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript) Output Format.
org.freehep.graphicsio.svg SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Output Format.
org.freehep.graphicsio.swf SWF (Macromedia Flash) Input and Output Format.


Bitmap Formats
org.freehep.graphicsio.gif GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) Output Format.
org.freehep.graphicsio.png PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Output Format.
org.freehep.graphicsio.ppm PPM (Portable PixMap) Output Format.


Other Packages  


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