JAIDA is a Java implementation of the Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis (AIDA ); it is part of the FreeHEP library. JAIDA allows Java programmers to quickly and easily create histograms, scatter plots and tuples, perform fits, view plots and store and retrieve analysis objects from files. JAIDA can be used either in a non-graphical environment (for batch processing) or with a GUI to be used just to display plots. In addition files written with JAIDA adhere to the AIDA IO standards and can be read by any AIDA compliant analysis system.

JAIDA is used internally by JAS3 which provides a full featured GUI in addition to the above functionality.

By using the AIDA C++-->Java adapter (AIDAJNI ), JAIDA can also be used from any C++ program.

The current release of JAIDA is 3.3.0, and is based on AIDA 3.3.0. We are still providing support for JAIDA 3.0.x.

For details on how to use JAIDA give a look at the release notes .