Yet another Particle Property Interface
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XML Schema

The YaPPI XML data model is shown below. The base PPML element may contain Family and ParticleType elements, and so on. Elements may have attributes (required attributes are shown in bold). A ParticleType, in addition to its attributes, can contain arbitrary Data elements. Decays are stored in separate Decay elements, and may also be grouped in DecayGroups. Independently of particle properties, a heirarchy of Family elements (referring to particles by their name) defines the particle family tree.

TheXML data files

The particle data in xml may be conveniently broken up into several files, according to what best fits how the data will be used. Following the link above will give you access to these data files:

  • PDG-Family.xml
  • PDG-Properties.xml
  • PDG-NormalDecayChannels.xml
  • PDG-LimitDecayChannels.xml
  • PDG-RareDecayChannels.xml

Decay information has been broken up into three separate files, according to their fraction size, categorized as either normal, limit or rare. Normal decay information is what a physicist would most likely use most often. For applications that also need to include more decay precision, the limit and rare files may also be read as necessary.