Build from Source

To build a distribution for AIDAJNI you need to check out the modules:

  • jaida/freehep-aidajni
  • jaida/aida-config
  • assembly/aidajni

from the FreeHEP repository. Please refer to SourceRepository to get these modules.

You now need to run maven (mvn) on the modules freehep-aidajni and aida-config for the platform for which you need to make a distribution.

cd ..../freehep-aidajni
cd ..../aida-config

If you want to make all distributions, the resulting nar files need to be deployed from each of the platforms to some central server.

After this you can assemble the distribution(s) by running maven (mvn) in the aidajni module. This would normally pick up all distributions, so if you want just one, you need to edit pom.xml and comment out the others (in 2 places). If you change the version number you need to update the version number in the pom.xml file but also in each of the setup scripts.

You also need to generate the website to go into the distribution. All of these can be done with the following commands:

cd ..../aidajni
mvn site:site

The resulting .tar.gz or .zip file will be in the aidajni/target directory.