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Package org.freehep.graphicsio.swf

SWF (Macromedia Flash) Input and Output Format.


Interface Summary
SWFConstants SWF Constants.

Class Summary
ButtonCondAction SWF Button Condition Action
ButtonRecord SWF Button Record
ClipActionRecord SWF Clip Action Record
ClipEventFlags SWF Clip Event Flags
ColorXform SWF Color Transform
ControlTag Abstract Control TAG.
DefineBits DefineBits TAG.
DefineBitsJPEG2 DefineBitsJPEG2 TAG.
DefineBitsJPEG3 DefineBitsJPEG3 TAG.
DefineBitsLossless DefineBitsLossless TAG.
DefineBitsLossless2 DefineBitsLossless2 TAG.
DefineButton DefineButton TAG.
DefineButton2 DefineButton2 TAG.
DefineButtonCxform DefineButtonCxform TAG.
DefineButtonSound DefineButtonSound TAG.
DefineEditText DefineEditText TAG.
DefineFont DefineFont TAG.
DefineFont2 DefineFont2 TAG.
DefineFontInfo DefineFontInfo TAG.
DefineFontInfo2 DefineFontInfo2 TAG.
DefineMorphShape DefineMorphShape TAG.
DefineMovie DefineMovie TAG.
DefineShape DefineShape TAG.
DefineShape2 DefineShape2 TAG.
DefineShape3 DefineShape3 TAG.
DefineSound DefineSound TAG.
DefineSprite DefineSprite TAG.
DefineText DefineText TAG.
DefineText.Record Abstract Superclass for Text Records.
DefineText.RecordType0 Text0 Record, for the actual glyphs.
DefineText.RecordType1 Text1 Record, for the attributes of the text.
DefineText2 DefineText2 TAG.
DefineVideoStream DefineVideoStream TAG.
DefinitionTag Abstract Definition TAG.
DoAction DoAction TAG.
DoInitAction DoInitAction TAG.
EnableDebugger EnableDebugger TAG.
EnableDebugger2 EnableDebugger TAG.
End End TAG.
ExportAssets ExportAssets TAG.
FillStyle SWF FillStyle.
FillStyleArray SWF FillStyleArray.
FrameLabel FrameLabel TAG.
Gradient SWF Gradient.
ImportAssets ImportAssets TAG.
JPEGTables JPEGTables TAG.
LineStyle SWF LineStyle.
LineStyleArray SWF LineStyleArray.
PlaceObject PlaceObject TAG.
PlaceObject2 PlaceObject2 TAG.
Protect Protect TAG.
RemoveObject RemoveObject TAG.
RemoveObject2 RemoveObject2 TAG.
SetBackgroundColor SetBackgroundColor TAG.
ShowFrame ShowFrame TAG.
SoundEnvelope SWF SoundEnvelope.
SoundInfo SWF SoundInfo
SoundStreamBlock SoundStreamBlock TAG.
SoundStreamHead SoundStreamHead TAG.
SoundStreamHead2 SoundStreamHead2 TAG.
StartSound StartSound TAG.
SWFAction SWF Abstract Action Class.
SWFAction.Add Add Action.
SWFAction.Add2 Add2 Action.
SWFAction.And And Action.
SWFAction.AsciiToChar AsciiToChar Action.
SWFAction.BitAnd BitAnd Action.
SWFAction.BitLShift BitLShift Action.
SWFAction.BitOr BitOr Action.
SWFAction.BitRShift BitRShift Action.
SWFAction.BitURShift BitURShift Action.
SWFAction.BitXor BitXor Action.
SWFAction.Call Call Action.
SWFAction.CallFunction CallFunction Action.
SWFAction.CallMethod CallMethod Action.
SWFAction.CharToAscii CharToAscii Action.
SWFAction.CloneSprite CloneSprite Action.
SWFAction.ConstantPool ConstantPool Action.
SWFAction.Decrement Decrement Action.
SWFAction.DefineFunction DefineFunction Action.
SWFAction.DefineLocal DefineLocal Action.
SWFAction.DefineLocal2 DefineLocal2 Action.
SWFAction.Delete Delete Action.
SWFAction.Delete2 Delete2 Action.
SWFAction.Divide Divide Action.
SWFAction.EndDrag EndDrag Action.
SWFAction.Enumerate Enumerate Action.
SWFAction.Enumerate2 Enumerate2 Action.
SWFAction.Equals Equals Action.
SWFAction.Equals2 Equals2 Action.
SWFAction.GetMember GetMember Action.
SWFAction.GetProperty GetProperty Action.
SWFAction.GetTime GetTime Action.
SWFAction.GetURL Get URL Action.
SWFAction.GetURL2 GetURL2 Action.
SWFAction.GetVariable GetVariable Action.
SWFAction.GotoFrame Goto Frame Action.
SWFAction.GotoFrame2 GotoFrame2 Action.
SWFAction.GotoLabel Goto Label Action.
SWFAction.Greater Greater Action.
SWFAction.If If Action.
SWFAction.Increment Increment Action.
SWFAction.InitArray InitArray Action.
SWFAction.InitObject InitObject Action.
SWFAction.InstanceOf InstanceOf Action.
SWFAction.Jump Jump Action.
SWFAction.Less Less Action.
SWFAction.Less2 Less2 Action.
SWFAction.MBAsciiToChar MBAsciiToChar Action.
SWFAction.MBCharToAscii MBCharToAscii Action.
SWFAction.MBStringExtract MBStringExtract Action.
SWFAction.MBStringLength MBStringLength Action.
SWFAction.Modulo Modulo Action.
SWFAction.Multiply Multiply Action.
SWFAction.NewMethod NewMethod Action.
SWFAction.NewObject NewObject Action.
SWFAction.NextFrame Next Frame Action.
SWFAction.Not Not Action.
SWFAction.Or Or Action.
SWFAction.Play Play Action.
SWFAction.Pop Pop Action.
SWFAction.PreviousFrame Previous Frame Action.
SWFAction.Push Push Action.
SWFAction.PushDuplicate PushDuplicate Action.
SWFAction.RandomNumber RandomNumber Action.
SWFAction.RemoveSprite RemoveSprite Action.
SWFAction.Return Return Action.
SWFAction.SetMember SetMember Action.
SWFAction.SetProperty SetProperty Action.
SWFAction.SetTarget Set Target Action.
SWFAction.SetTarget2 SetTarget2 Action.
SWFAction.SetVariable SetVariable Action.
SWFAction.StackSwap StackSwap Action.
SWFAction.StartDrag StartDrag Action.
SWFAction.Stop Stop Action.
SWFAction.StopSounds Stop Sounds Action.
SWFAction.StoreRegister StoreRegister Action.
SWFAction.StrictEquals StrictEquals Action.
SWFAction.StringAdd StringAdd Action.
SWFAction.StringEquals StringEquals Action.
SWFAction.StringExtract StringExtract Action.
SWFAction.StringGreater StringGreater Action.
SWFAction.StringLength StringLength Action.
SWFAction.StringLess StringLess Action.
SWFAction.Subtract Subtract Action.
SWFAction.TargetPath TargetPath Action.
SWFAction.ToggleQuality Toggle Quality Action.
SWFAction.ToInteger ToInteger Action.
SWFAction.ToNumber ToNumber Action.
SWFAction.ToString ToString Action.
SWFAction.Trace Trace Action.
SWFAction.TypeOf TypeOf Action.
SWFAction.WaitForFrame Wait For Frame Action.
SWFAction.WaitForFrame2 WaitForFrame2 Action.
SWFAction.With With Action.
SWFActionSet Defines the actions for SWF.
SWFDictionary SWF Definition Dictionary, which stores definitions being read from a stream.
SWFExportFileType // FIXME, check all options
SWFGraphics2D SWF Graphics 2D driver.
SWFHeader SWF File Header.
SWFInputStream This class extends the TaggedInputStream with several methods to read SWF primitives from the stream and to read TagHeaders.
SWFOutputStream This class extends the TaggedOutputStream with several methods to write SWF primitives to the stream and to write TagHeaders.
SWFShape Shape TAG.
SWFShape.EdgeRecord Edge Record, specifying lines, curves, ...
SWFShape.Record Abstract superclass for Records.
SWFShape.ShapeRecord Shape Record, specifying style, move, ...
SWFSpriteTagSet Defines the tags in the MiniTag (Sprite) structure
SWFTag SWF Tag, superclass of all SWF Tags.
SWFTagSet Defines the tags for SWF.
VideoFrame VideoFrame TAG.

Package org.freehep.graphicsio.swf Description

SWF (Macromedia Flash) Input and Output Format.

SWF is a Vector Graphics Animation format, defined by MacroMedia, also known as the Flash Format.

This package provides a low-level reader and writer for SWF files:

and an implementation of VectorGraphics:

The current implementation supports Version 3 of SWF.

SWF files can be imported by the following applications:

In all these applications both online viewing and printing are supported.

The following Limitations exist:

Not Ready.

Version current

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