General Attributes

NameTypeValid ValuesDefaultUnitCategoryDescription
DrawAsStringSee DrawAsValuesPointDrawRepresentation for this instance.
DrawAsOptionStringSee DrawAsValuesPointDrawPossible representations for this instance.
VisibilitybooleantrueDrawIs this instance visible?

Label Attributes

NameTypeValid ValuesDefaultUnitCategoryDescription
LabelStringDrawUnicode text to be displayed with instance.
FontNameStringSansSerif, Serif, MonospaceSansSerifDrawFont for label.
FontStyleStringAny combination of
Plain, Bold, Italic
PlainDrawFont style for label.
FontSizeint12DrawFont size for label.
FontColorColorWhiteDrawColor for font.
FontHasFramebooleanfalseDrawDraw a frame around the font for better contrast.
FontFrameColorColorWhiteDrawColor of font frame.
FontFrameWidthdouble1DrawWidth of font frame.
FontHasBannerbooleanfalseDrawDraw a banner behind the label.
FontBannerColorColorBlackDrawColor for banner.

Single Point Attributes

NameTypeValid ValuesDefaultUnitCategoryDescription
ColorColorWhiteDrawColor for lines, markers, etc.
LayerStringAny valid name in LayerOrderdefaultDrawLayer in which this instance is drawn.
MarkNameStringCircle, Box, UpTriangle,
DnTriangle, Diamond, Cross,
Star, Plus, HLine, VLine
CircleDrawType of marker which is drawn for this instance.
All of these markers are available from the
FreeHEP VectorGraphics library.
MarkSizedouble5DrawSize of the marker.
MarkSizeMultiplierdoubleAny number above 01DrawFactor to multiply the size of the marker with.
MarkTypeStringSymbol, RealSymbolDrawSymbol specifies that the markersize if fixed,
Real specifies that the symbol resizes.
HasFramebooleantrueDrawDraw a frame around the representation for better contrast.
FrameColorColorBlackDrawColor for frame.
FrameWidthdouble1DrawWidth of the frame.

Multiple Point Attributes

NameTypeValid ValuesDefaultUnitCategoryDescription
LineStyleStringSolid, Dotted, Dashed, DotDashSolidDrawStyle for lines.
LineWidthdouble2DrawWidth for lines.
LineWidthMultiplierdoubleAny number above 01DrawFactor for lineWidth.
LineHasArrowStringNone, Start, End, BothNoneDrawAdd arrows on either side of a line.

Fill Attributes

NameTypeValid ValuesDefaultUnitCategoryDescription
FillColorColorWhiteDrawColor used for fill.
FillTypeStringNonZero, EvenOddEvenOddDrawMethod to use for filling complex shapes.
NonZero fills everything inside outer boundery,
while EvenOdd fills like a checkerboard.
FillbooleanfalseDrawShould instance be filled.

Specific Attributes

NameTypeValid ValuesDefaultUnitCategoryDescription
Radiusdouble5.0DrawRadius for Circles, Cylinders.
Phidouble0.0RadDrawAngle from YZ-axis towards X-axis.
Thetadouble0.0RadDrawAngle from the Z axis.
Omegadouble0.0RadDrawRotation over the normal specified by Phi and Theta.
Radius1double5.0DrawRadius for Circles, Cylinders.
Radius2double5.0DrawRadius for Circles, Cylinders.
Radius3double5.0DrawRadius for Circles, Cylinders.
Curvaturedouble0.02DrawCurvature of Helix.
FlyLengthdouble10.0DrawDistance along Helix.
Facesint4DrawNumber of faces to draw (or dividers).

Text Attributes

NameTypeValid ValuesDefaultUnitCategoryDescription
TextStringDrawUnicode text displayed in position relative to Window.
Greek chars and simple tags such as b, sup and sub
are allowed.
HPosdouble0 equals to left0.5DrawRelative horizontal position.
VPosdouble0 equals to top1.0DrawRelative vertical position.
HAlignStringLeft, Center, RightLeftDrawHorizontal text alignment.
VAlignStringTop, BaseLine, Center, BottomBaseLineDrawVertical text alignment.

Picking Attributes

NameTypeValid ValuesDefaultUnitCategoryDescription
IsPickablebooleantruePickActionSpecifies if the instance can be picked.
ShowParentAttributesbooleanfalsePickActionSpecifies if the parent instance attributes
should be shown.
Works recursively if specified.
PickParentbooleanfalsePickActionSpecifies if the parent instance should
be picked rather than the instance itself.
Works recursively if specified.