Tab Tags

This set of tags allow to easily embed tabs in a web application. The rounded edges of the tabs are created on the fly by a servlet so that it is very easy to customize the way the tabs look.

Set up

The following steps are required to setup the tags and get started witht he first example:

Import the utilities

Import the FreeHEP Web Utils as described here.

Add the Servlet

To add the servlet to your application add the following lines to your web.xml



Import the tags

Include the tags in any jsp page you want to use them by adding

<%@taglib prefix="tab" uri="" %>

Adding tabs

To add tabs to a JSP page include the following code:

    <tab:tabs name="myTabs">
        <tab:tab name="foo" >Body of tab foo</tab:tab>
        <tab:tab name="blah" >body of tab blah</tab:tab>

This should produce two tabs and a box displaying the text of the selected tab. For customizing the way the tabs look, please refer to the tld documentation.

Customizing the tabs

The default values of the tabs look and feel can be overwritten at the tabs tag level by setting the appropriate attributes. This approach might be time consuming if a lot ot tabs are present in your application and global changes are required. To overcome this problem it is possible to overwrite the tags defaults in the WEB-INF/classes/ file by setting one of the following properties: